3. theparisreview:

    Where is Vladimir Nabokov now? The third in a week-long series of illustrations by Jason Novak, captioned by Eric Jarosinski.


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    What is not a SANDO?

    A photograph of a stack of Ritter Sport chocolates by Christopher Williams.


  5. sandoclub:

    August 21, 2014
    Washington, DC

    SANDO CLUB members Natalie and Jing, and fledgling Alice convened at Archives of American Art to see an exhibition about artists and their muses. Later, they metaphorically feasted on Three Sandwiches by Wayne Thiebaud.


  6. Unfinished, because he died.
    (・_・; #alwaysbemybaby #cherish


  7. Foilage, 2002


  8. sandoclub:

    On Sunday, after a day at Fort Tilden, Leah and Jing shared lobster sandwiches at Nick’s where they spotted this beguiling couple having a romantic dinner overlooking Mill Basin. If you squint and look from a certain angle, you might believe they were basking in the sunset on a pier in Key West. Perhaps tonight he will profess his love by extending to her an undefiled lobster claw clasping a diamond ring.


  9. @psmarlowe Help, plz: how should I etch this lipstick mark on stone?


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    Joe the Lion was on Young Americans and was about Bruce Nauman.


  13. Bros



  15. Love Stinks!