1. Unfinished, because he died.
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  2. Foilage, 2002


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    On Sunday, after a day at Fort Tilden, Leah and Jing shared lobster sandwiches at Nick’s where they spotted this beguiling couple having a romantic dinner overlooking Mill Basin. If you squint and look from a certain angle, you might believe they were basking in the sunset on a pier in Key West. Perhaps tonight he will profess his love by extending to her an undefiled lobster claw clasping a diamond ring.


  4. @psmarlowe Help, plz: how should I etch this lipstick mark on stone?


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    Joe the Lion was on Young Americans and was about Bruce Nauman.


  8. Bros



  10. Love Stinks!


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    Bret Easton Ellis Podcast, Best Of

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